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Touching Story re Nowzad Dog Who Started it All

Nowzad, the Dog Who Started it All is a charity that has now rescued 800+ dogs and cats from the brutal war zone and reunited them with the solider who fell in love with them during a grueling war.


You may already have heard the story of dogs rescued by a unit of Royal Marines in Afghanistan.  These dogs live by their wits in the middle of a war zone and are routinely brutalized by the locals.

Afghans capture dogs with a wire noose and use them for dog fights. If they do not fight they are beaten with sticks until they do. Their ears and tails are often slashed off so that fighting dogs have nothing to grip, so it prolongs the fight. At the end of the row, they are thrown back onto the street with no treatment for their wounds. If they survive, they have to scavenge again until someone else thinks that it would be fun to arrange another dog fight.

It was during such a fight that Sergeant ‘Penny’ Farthing and his unit arrived and broke up the proceedings. The dogs gratefully made their escape.  Some days later when Pen was searching outbuildings, he heard a low growl from the darkness and saw one of the dogs that had been involved in the fight. He was cowering in the corner, recovering from his injuries, which included having his ears hacked off.

By using a lot of kindness, patience, and of course military ration packs, Pen was able to gain the dog's trust. He took the battered pooch back to his unit base and named him Nowzad, the town where he was rescued. Other rescues followed, none of which were free of danger, for either the Marines or the dogs involved.


 Drawing of Nowzad and Pen by JoAnn Ray


There was tragedy, heartbreak and joy along the way. Nowzad started an ongoing saga with a many happy endings.

With love and gentle guidance, Nowzad became Pen's constant companion during the ravages of war. The bond ran so deep that Pen could not leave him behind.

So, being a clever strategist, Pen figured out how to run the gauntlet through massive red tape to get his beloved dog to his home country safely.

Realizing that other soldiers faced the same gut wrenching dilemma when leaving their beloved pets behind, Pen decided to start doing this for other soldiers too.


Naming the organization after his beloved Nowzad, Pen's charity would blossom into a full time operation and animal shelter, where soldiers' pets are rescued and reunited with their beloved companions after they leave the war zone.

Transformed by love, Nowzad, a abused dog lived out the rest of his days in safety in the UK with a happy pack that included other rescue dogs from Afghanistan. He has since gone on to doggie heaven, but Nowzad lives on in many hearts because of the movement he started.


JoAnn Ray, an accomplished portrait artist, has drawn both Pen and Nowzad and furnished you with a step by step drawing of Nowzad, so you can learn techniques that will help you draw your own beloved dog. But before we begin that exercise, let's learn a bit more about this benevolent artist who created your lesson.


This book tells the heartwarming rescue stories of the dogs that fell in love with soliders and helped them survive a brutal war. You will find step by step lessons re how to draw dogs in both graphite and colored pencils and 100% of the profits will go to the charity, a shelter that houses dogs and cats until funds can be raised to transport and reunite them with the soliders who fell in love with them.

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