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RECREATE - Your Path to Discovering the Gift in Your Adversity: 12 Habits That Turn Trials into Instant Triumph


RECREATE - Your Path to Discovering the Gift in Your Adversity: 12 Habits That Turn Trials into Instant Triumph


Product Description

Good news. You don’t have to wait till your trials pass to be deliriously happy… prosperity, joy, laughter, hope, love, goodness and favor can be experienced daily, no matter what your circumstance.

There is a gift hidden IN every adversity...


Module One: Course excerpt

(This first story was published in "Chicken Soup for the Soul")

At 3:30 p.m. the murky sky was draped in soot that shrouded the earth with a premature eerie darkness; blacking out the sun. In the last two days more than 2,300 homes had been decimated by 5 separate massive wildfires that raged through San Diego County leveling everything in their flaming path.

Authorities had finally given us permission to return to our neighborhoods to survey our colossal losses.

Sitting in a booth at Mimi’s crowded restaurant, waiting for my good friend Paul, I stared blankly at the food, oblivious to the noise that surrounded me. My world had gone stone cold silent.

Salty tears mixed with my ice tea. I couldn’t bring myself to eat. Gut wrenching shock had robbed me of my appetite for life.

Every inch of me felt numb.

Sliding into the booth beside me, Paul saw my untouched meal. Wrapping a compassionate arm around my shoulder he prayed.

“Father please give Sandi kisses on the cheek every day so she will know you still love her.”

I didn’t know it but at that very moment, that prayer switched on a new movie reel that invited me to star in powerful stories which would transform my life.

As I lived these 12 parables, a new light shined on my pitch dark path revealing sign posts which transformed my tragedy into triumph.

The adversity gifted me with the ability to be joyful right in the midst challenges.

Rather than waiting in agony till the trial was over, I discovered how to savor each leg of the journey.

Instead of viewing challenges as obstacles that hold me back, I began to see them as opportunities that thrust me forward.

As we left the restaurant we slipped into the long line of cars that were filling into the charred neighborhood like a funeral pyre; headlights pierced the foggy soot revealing what looked like a war zone.

Jaw dropping massive devastation lay before us; mountains of rubble, twisted steel, chimney bricks (still simmering) flung across sidewalks. Row after row of affluent homes now lay in heaping piles of ashes. I stumbled numbly out of the car and edged my way toward the wreckage that represented my elegant home and 17 year old prosperous business.

While I stood staring, Paul began to dig to see if he could salvage anything from my past.

Staggering blindly through the debris I picked up singed chards that denoted former opulence. I had imported a custom designed fold out couch so that my cousins would have a comfy bed for our sleepovers. The expensive sofa had been used once and all that was left was charred springs.

I opened my dryer. An expensive Egyptian cotton fluffy yellow towel that had turned black disintegrated in my hands.

18 video masters that provided a lucrative livelihood for 17 years were now molten black twisted sculptures.

900 pieces of the art I had created over a lifetime lay in an ashen powder in my blackened flat files.

I worked so hard to make it to this particular neighborhood and this particular home. I always wanted to be rich and I was. Treasures from my world travels had wrapped me in comfort.

Now my possessions lay entombed in a heap of ashes.

It seemed nothing had survived until Paul cried out. Sandi, come here! ...

To read the rest of Chapter One, email


Trials are a part of everyone’s life. So how come some people seem to breeze through difficult circumstances while others are destroyed by them?

This course contains real life stories of a journey that transformed a seeming tragedy into a triumphant lifestyle.

3 keys will unlock a vault filled with veiled treasures:

  • Mindset
  • Choices
  • Habits

The way you choose to react determines whether you will savor your life or endure it.

This book provides a roadmap to treasures that are strewn along the path of adversity. You will be handed the glasses that help you see your obstacles as opportunities that will thrust you into your new purpose, turning happiness into a lifestyle.


Ordering info:

The first paper edition sold out so at present this book is only available as an eBook.

When you add this to your cart, you will be emailed a PDF file that you can read as an ebook.


NOTE: I haven't had time to thoroughly edit this book... it's simply a diary of the true life stories that happened to me after the fire took down 2,300+ homes in one day in San Diego. When I lost both my home and 17 year old prosperous business, God sent me stories that taught me how to cope with adversity. 


If you are an English teacher, it might make you squirm 'cause there could be typos ...and I write like I talk. But the message is there... God taught me habits that keep me from spiraling into despair when tragedy strikes. Instead, I can go instantly to joy, right in the midst of it.

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