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Discover Art With Sandra


A few testimonials from thousands received by Sandra Angelo from her students on 5 continents.

A year ago cavemen did better drawings than me! 

After trying to learn to draw and do color pencil from books, I felt something was missing. So I attended a Webinar that Sandra gave. Her claim was that she could take you from wimpy drawings to good/great. A bold claim.

I decided to take the challenge and took all her home study courses. My drawings improved 10000% just by using her techniques and following her recipe for success. Now I'm in her Apprenticeship Program doing work that I never imagined I could do.

Thanks Sandra.

~Bruce Macdonald, Health & Safety, North Carolina

bruce-before-web.jpg bruce-macdonald-web.jpg




"Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to draw! I enjoyed the feeling of a pencil in my hand and longed to be able to create a recognizable image on paper.

My mother was able to bring a horse or a tiger to live on the back of an old envelope, in pencil or ballpoint pen, right from her imagination, and I was in awe.

However, my attempts were all lopsided and on showing them to family members I was asked "what is that meant to be, Carol?" Eventually I gave up and put my art materials to one side, thinking I would never be any good.

Many, many years later I found the box of colored pencils and felt like doodling again. I bought a book and tried some of the exercises in it, but my renderings still didn't look like they were supposed to.

Then I came across Sandra on the Internet and decided to try to learn from the expert. I signed up as a birthday present to myself in 2013 and discovered how to get a likeness of a person or pet.

Yesterday I showed my neighbor my latest portrait and she recognized the children as my brother's kids, who she has only seen a few times. In fact she was so amazed at my piece that when her daughter and family visited the first thing she said to them was that they had to pop next door with her to look at Carol's picture!

When asked how long I had been drawing, they were astonished to hear it was only a year. But that year marks a turning point for me. From now on I will not look back, but forward, to all the many drawings that are in my future.

I can't believe that half way through my Apprenticeship Program with Sandra Angelo, I sold my first portrait for a tidy sum. And now as I'm finishing up her program, I'm fielding my 7th. lucrative commission.

I always dreamed of earning a living doing what I love and my Apprenticeship with Sandra Angelo made that come true! I've paid myself back for that investment 7 times over and I'm loving living my art dream!

~Carol Leather, Computer Support, Cambridgeshire, England





Thanks Sandra, for changing my whole perspective of seeing and capturing some of the beauty of the world. ~ Sandy Skillern, ER nurse, California


before-by-sandy-skillern-web.jpg after-by-sandy-skillern-wb1.jpg




I started out with pretty weak drawing skills but after a few months in Sandra Angelo's Apprenticeship Program, I was super excited to find out that my work was being published in DVDs, books and international webinars.

I owe all to Sandra.

I believe everyone wants to produce stellar work.

The problem comes when one hasn't quite learned what really stellar work is.

Thank God that I have a Master Artist Coach who makes sure my work is the absolute best. The best teachers equips you with something you didn't know you needed. Then one day, you recognize the gift they have given you.

Thanks Sandra Angelo! You are one of the best coaches, mentors I have ever met.

~JoAnn Ray, Entrepreneur, Alabama

tough-and-tender-by-joann-ray-portraits-dot-com-w.jpg louise-and-jazzy-c-by-joannrayportraits-dot-com.jpg
war-and-peace-c-by-joannrayportraits-dot-com-wb.jpg  princess-becky-by-joannrayportraitsdotcom-w.jpeg


See more of JoAnn's portraits at



When I brought my stick figure drawings into your classroom, you invited me to stay, saying you could teach anyone to draw. Little did I know how much your lessons would completely change my life. 

I'll never forget the first time you asked me if you could use my art in a book. I nearly flew home to tell my husband. I couldn't believe I had gone from horrible drawings to being published in prestigous art books! Now my art has appeared on TV, in magazines, in more books and I win top awards in all the contests I enter.

It's just thrilling to see how far I've gone. I even have my own website now.


  • But one of the best things is that art has expanded my life.
  • I've drawn portraits of more than 500 people and brought a lot of joy to the world.
  • And during my husband's terminal illness, art is what saved me.
  • While I drew, I escaped for awhile and gained the energy I needed to cope with that awful stress.
  • When I lost my beloved husband so I used my art as therapy by drawing our courtship photos.
  • That helped giggles mingle with the sobs and softened the gutwrenching grief.

I'll be 90 in a few months and I still draw every day!

Sandi, you have compeltely changed my life and I owe you a HUGE debt of gratitude!

~Nita Draut, Retired Secretary, California