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Discover Art With Sandra

Photographing Babies

They are only babies for a nanosecond.

Capture precious  moments with stellar photographs that preserve innocent moments forever.

6 Baby Photography Tips for Beginners

Photo c Carrie Sandoval Click here for more

Follow these simple steps to be well on your way to amazing results in your baby photography!

Baby photography is one of the most rewarding ways to capture memories of little ones. They are only small once, and there is something incredible about the innocence of this stage. Here are some tips from expert baby photographer Carrie Sandoval you should be sure to follow as you get started photographing these miracles.

Tip #1: Tone Down the Props

While you will probably want to use some props when you take photos of babies you'll want to make sure you're not overwhelming them. It's great if a prop compliments the shot, but if you find that the baby isn't the first place your eyes land when looking at the photo it is probably too cluttered. Babies are cute enough on their own without needing much extra decoration.

Tip #2: Don't Forget About the Best Parts!

While it's always cute to get full pictures of babies you shouldn't forget about the rest of them. It can be great to take macro shots of little feet and toes. These close up shots are not taken as often so they can make a big impact. Plus, baby's little hands and feet are just so adorable.

Tip #3: Get a Good Lens

You'll want a fast, sharp lens for taking shots of babies. A 50mm 1.4 is an excellent option as it is a prime lens. It's great for taking close up head and shoulder photos during use with a fill-frame camera.

Tip #4: Use the Right Settings

As a beginner it is generally easiest to get started in aperture priority. In this setting you'll basically choose your aperture and the camera will automatically select a shutter speed.

It's also a good idea to keep the shutter above 1/250. This is a great setting to make sure you get sharp pictures.  Of course, you'll need to decide what's best with the camera you are working with based on the settings described in your users’ manual.

Once you have worked with your camera for a while you can switch off the automatic shutter speed and change the settings manually. This will give you the best control over your light and you can experiment with what works well for you. You'll generally have better results when you shoot manually, but you do need to understand your camera before moving to this stage.

Tip #5: Practice Makes Perfect

It's great if you want to move into professional baby photography, but you can really do well practicing on your own children first. That will help give you the confidence you need to adjust your camera settings according the light source, subject, theme and /or various other elements that go into making a great photograph.

Tip #6: Photograph the Babies as Early as Possible

Babies are beautiful at any age, but getting newborn shots are often the most rewarding. It's a unique stage and the shots that can come from this age are just lovely. An added bonus is that newborns love to sleep so you'll have a much easier time posing the babies and getting the shots you want to get.

Babies are a miracle and baby photography can be very rewarding. This is especially true when you put these tips into action and come out with beautiful shots of these tiny little people.


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A Creative Mom in Finland

Adele Enersen and Mila’s Daydreams

Adele Enersen is from Helsinki, Finland. A copywriter and a concept designer Enersen took time off from work to have her baby Mila. To avoid disturbing Mila’s sleep Adele takes a few minutes to create a concept, takes a snapshot then it’s back to the crib for the little angel.

Here are a few of her creative shots.

Rain-of-Roses_c_Adele_Enersen_wmk.jpg Out-in-Space_by_Adele_Enersen_wmk.jpg
Elephant-Dreams_by_Adele_Enersen_wmk.jpg Candyland_by_Adele_Enersen_wmk.jpg

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