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Discover Art With Sandra

Wimpy to Wow in 3 Steps

Bruce Macdonald wanted to draw but his art books weren't helping - then Bruce discovered Sandra Angelo

Bruce took 3 Steps

From WIMPY to WOW!

1. Bruce took Sandra Angelo courses on his own

2. Bruce signed up for Online Coaching

3. Bruce signed up for an Apprenticeship


Anticipation by Bruce Macdonald c 2015


Learning on your own VS coaching by Bruce Macdonald

To start I want you to understand that a year ago I had no drawing experience. Zip. Nada. Oh I could draw circles and squares but when it came to cats, dogs, people no way! That has all changed in the last year.

I first began my journey by buying books – portraits seemed like a good place to begin.The books had wonderful portraits and I was stoked to learn. After many attempts my portraits weren’t the quality that I was going to let anyone see – even my wife!

OK maybe portraits weren’t my thing.

I told myself, "I do love flowers so let’s go with something I’m more passionate about."

Again, I bought lots of books.

A bonus was that some even showed how to do flowers in color so I got to learn how to draw flowers and use color pencil.

Those turned out better but as I was later to find out, those books were woefully lacking the keys Masters use to create outstanding art.

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Looking online to see if there were any lesson available I encountered Sandra Angelo’s website.She was giving a webinar about color pencil. I enrolled to see what she had to say.

I was impressed enough but still leery about taking something online. Been there and done that before and was very disappointed.

I vacillated about what to do so I decided to call Sandra's company.

That call changed my art forever. Sandra was so helpful and gave me a detailed list of the courses that would help me succeed in my specific goals. She emailed me a path to follow.

So I took many of Sandra’s home study courses.

Sandra Angelo's magical techniques brought me miles closer to where I wanted to be and produced results far better than I had before.

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After exhausting the courses I wanted to do, I still felt I was missing something. Sure my results were much better, good – but not great, not excellent – passable. But I wanted to draw like a Master!

So I called Sandra again.

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  • If you don't have unlimited minutes - she'll call you right back

I asked her what she would recommend.

And she gave me a list of Online Coaching Programs to take if I wanted to jump up to the Masters' level.

I didn’t even blink at her list. My thought was – here is an authority who is not only a Master artist; she's a Master teacher!

I've already experienced the way Sandra makes complicated stuff so simple that even I can succeed. So if Sandra Angelo says these are the courses I need to take to get better, then so be it!

Since that time I’ve been coached by Sandra in two high level courses.

What is it like to be coached?

Let me ask this before answering that question.

  • How long do you think it would take on your own to achieve the Master's level?
  • Would you quit because it was taking too long or quit because you became discouraged in not seeing any progress?

Being coached isn’t easy. 

  • You need to set your ego aside. 
  • You need to be tenacious, have perseverance and the willingness to be taught and not give up. 
  • Remember the coach has made all the mistakes to get where he/she is today so she can save you all that trouble! 

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By being coached, you learn from that experience and jump light-years ahead over where you would be self-taught. 

As a coach Sandra will hold your feet to the fire, is a task master yet compassionate enough to give the support and encouragement to keep you going. The key, though, is you MUST listen and then follow what is said!

During my process of being coached I went through such emotions as frustrations, discouragement, joy, disappointment, wanting to burn up my art and wonder if I was ever going to get good. Yes, being coached is an emotional roller coaster ride. And the coach is there with you to help you through all this.

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Being self-taught doesn’t put you on this emotional roller coaster. You just do your thing hoping you’re doing it right. Not really knowing if what you did lacks the correct values, or if the shapes are off. After all, no one is looking over your shoulder especially a Master. And all this is OK if you just want to settle for good.

Sandra’s home study courses will help you get good if you follow her recipe. 

To achieve excellence, though, being coached by a Master is the only way to go. 

In the end, you cut off years of learning because the Master is teaching you what they have learned. 

Plus, you learn to avoid certain mistakes and those that you do make are caught right away. 

Hence you develop good habits right from the start.

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Even though I went for that roller coaster ride, in the end when I crossed the finish line with my project, I was elated, simply euphoric in having produced something I want to show everyone! 

Moreover, I learned so much more than I would have ever been able to do on my own – both in graphite and color pencil.

Thanks Sandra Angelo for the kudos re my creative portrait that I called, Anticipation.

When I initially got into this Apprenticeship Program, I knew I was in over my head. Sometimes that's a good thing because it pushes you to strive for a higher level.

Click here to sign up for Apprenticeship Program:

The key is not to give up too soon. As you know it has been very frustrating at times for me especially since this is the first time to do anything on this level or scale.

And I sure doubted my skills to pull it off. I really have surprised myself.

What I've learned in this class has been monumental!

With your support, guidance and teaching I have gained skills and knowledge about art and drawing that I don't think I would have gotten anywhere else.

So kudos to you for the classes you offer and the coaching you provide.

And yes, I'll admit it, even being a task master! After all, if one wants to be exceptional, then you have to have higher expectations than the average person along with willingness to be taught, and having tenacity and perseverance.

Thanks Sandra; you changed my art and also my life!

I look at my creative portrait and I just can't believe it did that!

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In his Apprenticeship Program, Bruce Mcdonald was taught how to take one of his own ordinary photos and turn it into an extraordinary piece of art.

Instead of just drawing the girl, Bruce added a dog to improve the composition and add to the story contained within this portrait.He also learned a whole bunch about shading techniques and how to create textures with the pencil so that your drawing looks way better than the photo.

With a lot of coaching on how to go beyond what you see, Bruce Mcdonald, a former amateur, turned into a PRO that can be proud to display his own oritiginal art!

Congratulations Bruce!

Do you want to take your art from bad to better or from good to GREAT?

Click here to sign up for Apprenticeship Program


















































































































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