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Discover Art With Sandra

ENROLL in Pencil Drawing College 101 - Take your drawing from Timid to TERRIFIC FAST- 3 Ways to Sign up: 1) PayPal, 2)PayPal Credit 3) Credit Card


ENROLL in Pencil Drawing College 101 - Take your drawing from Timid to TERRIFIC FAST- 3 Ways to Sign up: 1) PayPal, 2)PayPal Credit 3) Credit Card


Product Description

Sandra's SPEED Learning System Takes You from Amateur to AMAZING... FAST!
  • Rhode Island School of Design, awarded Sandra Angelo a Fellowship for her ability to take you from really bad to really good really fast.

This course is for you IF...

1) Your art is so wonky, it never made it to Mom's fridge

  • More than 30,000 stick figure artists - from stick figures to REALISM with Sandra's Easy System
  • Finally you will see and draw like a Master

2) Weak drawing skills are affecting your paintings

  • Drawing IS KEY for...
  • Watercolor, Oils, Acrylics, Colored Pencils, Pastels and more... 

3) You want to master drawing FASTER

  • Sandra's SPEED LEARNING SYSTEM distills  OLD Master's Drawing Methods into easy to follow formulas.

4) Despite drawing classes, you're still disappointed with your results

  • Sandra helps you finally banish your CHRONIC MISTAKES. 
  1. Bite sized lessons - keep you from overwhelm
  2. Sandra simplifies OLD Masters' Methods

  3. Work with #1 Art Master - (not an amateur who barely knows more than you)

  4. Sandra's SHORTCUTS speed up your learning process

  5. Correction demos pinpoint chronic mistakes so you won't stay STUCK in mediocrity

  6. Insider secrets from the world's BEST Masters are revealed so you can ascend to the level too!

FINALLY- Master drawing in DAYS instead of DECADES.

Here's how I'll help you go from amateur to AMAZING.


Module 1 - Dogs 101 - Short Fur

Draw Dogs that are SO Realistic, you expect the tail to wag!

  • Render soulful eyes that could talk you out of that last bite 
  • Draw fur that's so real you could pet the paper
  • Discover pencils strokes that make the nose feel like it's wet
  • Discover 4 steps that help you nail that likeness in every dog portrait
  • Capture expressions of unique joy that ignites your pooch every time you walk into the room
  • Finally draw a dog that's so real, the paper is about to bark!
Module 2 - Cats 101 - Fluffy Fur

Draw Cats that are SO soft, you could pet the paper!

  • Render eyes so bright they could glow in the dark
  • Discover pencils strokes for creating fluffy fur that feels like it would purr if you pet the paper
  • Discover 4 steps that help you nail the likeness that makes each kitty cat unique
  • Capture the tiny little nose and mouth
  • Discover tricks for whiskers on both light and dark fur
Module 3 - Wild Animals 101 - Wild Cats: Lions and Cheetahs 

Wild Animals that are so realistic, they could ROAR

  • Render realistic eyes and discover the DIFFERENCES in eyes of various wild animals
  • Discover pencils strokes for creating a variety of textures - even on one animal, textures can vary widely
  • You will render a full portrait of a lion that can ROAR
  • Practice vignettes of the cheetah so you can master patterned fur
  • Discover wildlife environments and behaviors that would dictate your drawing compositions
Module 4 - Flowers 101 - Everyone's favorite: The Rose

Draw Fragrant Flowers - Capture the softness of a delicate petal 

  • Textures vary from flower to flower and in this MasterClass we will master soft delicate petals
  • Discover pencils strokes for creating a variety of textures like soft petals, jagged thorns and leaves
  • You will render a full rose and discover how to turn a memory into a masterpiece that rewinds your joy
  • Practice vignettes so you can master the delicate petal BEFORE you put the whole flower together
Module 5 - Dogs 102 - Long Fur

Simulate long silky dog fur 

  • Insider secrets for making fur feel long and silky
  • Render sleepy eyes 
  • Draw that wet dog nose 
  • Use my 4 simple steps that help you nail the dog's unique likeness
  • Capture the calm of a sleepy dog
Module 6 - Cats 102 - Patterned Fur

Key secrets for making patterned fur look real instead of stripy

  • Secret ways to integrate the stripes or dots on fur 
  • Render short cat fur with unique strokes that are not so fluffy
  • Draw the nose, the eyes and the mouth
  • Use my 4 simple steps to nail a cat that is in a foreshortened pose


Module 7 - Flowers 102 - Complicated Blooms

Turn a complex flower into a solvable jigsaw puzzle

  • Discover how to draw complicated flowers by assembling tiny puzzles.
  • This daffodil has a variety of textures and you will master all of them
  • Cut flowers live in vases, so you'll discover how to render realistic glass
  • Practice vignettes so you can master the delicate petal BEFORE you put the whole flower together

Many of the textures you just mastered are used on faces too.


Portrait Series: Draw Faces 101-104

No more WONKY mugshots - Create Portraits with Personality

Module 8 - Faces 101 - Drawing the eyes

The EYES have it - get these right and capture personality 

  • Insider secrets for rendering realistic eyes that glow
  • Practice a variety of angles: front, side and 3/4 view, sleepy eyes, crying and more
  • Render realistic eyelashes, eyebrows and other parts that add up to the likeness
  • How and why baby eyes and eyebrows are different 
  • 4 simple secrets that make the eyes part of a unique likeness
Module 9 - Faces 102 - Drawing the nose and mouth

Nose & mouth is always unique - Nail this & you've got the face! 

  • Tricks for rendering noses and mouths so they integrate seamlessly 
  • Practice a variety of angles: front, side and 3/4 view
  • Key elements that make each mouth unique and how to spot those differences
  • How and why baby noses and mouths are different
  • 4 simple secrets that make the nose and mouth part of a unique likeness
  • Ethnic uniqueness in noses, eyes and mouths
Module 10 - Faces 103 - Drawing all sorts of hair

Hairdos have their own personality 

  • Tricks for rendering short hair on a guy
  • Short strokes for short hair on a girl
  • Curvy, wavy hair - tricks for making this less complex
  • How to draw long silky hair
  • Mustaches and beards
  • Practice a variety of types of hair so you will never be stumped when rendering portraits
Module 11 - Faces 104 - Put the FULL FACE together

How nail the likeness in your portraits every single time

  • How to create skin that glows
  • We'll practice the parts of this face first to nail the textures
  • Now that we practiced, you know how to make the right strokes as your draw the whole face
  • Magic tricks Masters use to NAIL that likeness EVERY SINGLE TIME
  • No blah mug shots - How to infuse portraits with personality
  • Shooting good photo references for GREAT portraits
  • How to costume a sitter


Module 12 - Tiptoe into Colored Pencils - Monochromatic Rendering with a POP of Color!
  • Discover colored pencil basics 
  • How transparent layering on a colored ground can slash your drawing time in half
  • How to choose the right paper to bring color harmony to your drawing.
  • Begin with a monochromatic rendering in shades of grey
  • When to use what pencils - hard, medium, soft, super soft, what brands work best
  • How to add a pop of color 






  • Bonus #1: Sandra's Time Saving Tool Kit & Drawing Tips


  • In your MasterClass workbooks, all your drawings are gridded, so you won't need to take a long time putting grid lines on the drawing you're copying.
  • No need to grid your drawing paper either; my grids will slide under your drawing paper.
  • BUT toward the end of Pencil Drawing College, you will also get ALSO a FREE downloadable grid kit that you can use for practicing from your own drawings.


  • You are staring at a box of 12 pencils with no clue which one to pick up. Problem solved.
  • In every video demo, the pencil I am using comes up on the screen so you can draw along.
  • PLUS inside Pencil Drawing College you will get a FREE Pencil Selector plus a video on how to know what pencil to pick

Sandra's Speed Learning System - Roadmap for Success

Instead of spending decades in frustrating experiments take the Masters' shortcuts to success.

Videos & companion workbooks let you peek over a Master's shoulder and follow along:

  • Peek over my shoulder and discover how hard you should press, what strokes you should make, tips, tricks and shortcuts
  • Demos re how to use the pencil for various shading techniques for each and every MasterClass workshop project
  • My videos are in real time, so you can draw along (not speeded up like YouTube tutorials)
  • No need to take notes; I put all the steps in a workbook, so you know just what to do next
  • Pause and rewind until you understand what to do- so much better than a live class where you only see it once

Sandra's Simplified 4 Step Drawing System Make Any Drawing Easy! 

  • Even complicated subjects seem easy when you use this 4-step system that breaks your drawing into bite sized chunks
  • See the world the way a Master does: 1-Shape, 2-Line, 3-Value, & 4-Texture
  • Even an absolute beginner can succeed with this Simplified System
  • Once you master these 4 concepts, drawing becomes easy

Sandra's 3 Magic Tricks Dramatically Improve Your Accuracy 

  • No more wonky proportions
  • Struggle getting a likeness? 3 Tricks get you a likeness every single time
  • Fighting internal criticism? These tricks slip you into the serenity zone where there are no boogie men
  • Perspective issues? Now, everything will line up correctly

Sandra's comprehensive library of tips, tricks and shortcuts will accelerate your growth.

Or you can stay stuck and spend another year wadding up your drawings in frustration... you get to choose.

This BONUS RECESS that has been given to the world is saying


This quarantine is giving you GIFT of TIME!

FINALLY Master drawing... and draw with confidence instead of confusion.

Hear people GASP at your stunning realistic art!



BONUS #1:  Value $497.00

Banish Common Mistakes with these FREE EASY Tools & Video demonstrations

  1. FREE Downloadable Grit Kit

  2. FREE Value Scale - Helps you know which pencil to choose every time

    • Demo 1: How to use your Grid Kit
    • Demo 2: How to use your Pencil Selector to choose the right pencil every time.

    • Demo 3: How to use your pencils for better shading

    • Demo 4: How to create unique textures with special pencil strokes

BONUS #2: Value $1,997.00

Links to Masters' Materials & Videos re How to Use Them

  • Four video demos reveal re how to use secret tools that the Masters use to get stunning results.

  • I'll also provide you with links to a discounted website where you can buy these.

  • Using the right materials can make the difference between success and failure. (I am always testing new tools, so you don't have to waste your time and money buying all the wrong supplies.)

BONUS #3:  $3997.00 Limited to First 30 people - Speed Learning Coaching Program

Fast Action Bonus for the FIRST 30 people who sign up. 

Want to speed up your learning process?


The #1 thing that transforms your art FAST is critiques by a Master.

Coaching Helps You Finally Pinpoint Where You're OFF!

  • You will keep making the same agonizing mistakes unless I pinpoint your chronic errors.
  • Getting feedback from amateurs who don't know much more than you, is not useful.
  • A Master's eagle eye will help you finally rid yourself of those frustrating chronic mistakes that are keeping you STUCK in mediocrity.
  • FAST ACTION BONUS - The first 30 who sign up for 2019 Pencil Drawing College will be invited into the Coaching Apprenticeship Program.

  • For 2 months, you will get FREE critiques and feedback.

Pencil Drawing College 2020 – Value $10,000.00

  • For 11 years, I spent $10,000 per year gathering information from the World's TOP Masters at an annual symposium.

  • As a columnist for The Artist's Magazine and American Artist, I also interviewed successful Masters who are out there making big bucks with their art. I got them to spill their closely guarded secrets and I put this vast resource of drawing wisdom into a vault.

  • My comprehensive library of tips, tricks and shortcuts will accelerate your growth.

  • Instead of experimenting for decades like the Masters did, you can take the short path to success.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Pencil Drawing College 101 - 2020

  • Value: $23,997.00 -12 MasterClasses:1 workshop each month for 12 months 
  • Value: $497.00:   Bonus 1 - FREE EASY Tools & Lessons - How to shade, how to choose the right pencils, how to use a Value Selector, & more
  • Value: $1997.00: Bonus 2 - Drawing Tools that speed up your learning 
  • Value: $3998.00: Bonus 3 -  8 Week Apprenticeship with World Renowned Master
  • Total Value: $30,498.00
  • SAVE $28,501.00

Enroll right now, you’ll get

access to everything for $5.47 per day -

LESS than a daily Grande coffee from Starbucks.

If you need to make payments, apply for PayPal's credit program

  • They will pay the full amount for you
  • You make 6 monthly payments



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