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Discover Art With Sandra

Elite Invitation ONLY -Angelo Pencil Drawing Apprenticeship – Mastery Tier 2019

$11,997.00 $10,296.91
(You save $1,700.09)

Elite Invitation ONLY -Angelo Pencil Drawing Apprenticeship – Mastery Tier 2019

$11,997.00 $10,296.91
(You save $1,700.09)

Product Description

I’m only accepting 10 people so be sure to take action quickly.

Here are the privileges your membership will grant you in

Angelo Pencil Drawing Apprenticeship – Mastery Tier 2019

Pencil Drawing College Apprenticeship:

1. Critiques once per week by either Bruce Macdonald or myself and every piece will be critiqued (not just one critique like here in this bonus program.)

As usual, we will probably over deliver but you can be guaranteed that once per week all work will be critiqued. As we can, we will try to catch some of the other work in between weekly reviews and it's possible that we may critique more than once per week. Once per week and ALL art reviewed on that day is guaranteed.

2. You will get a motivational speech at least once per week and sometimes more often.

3. You will have access to my 8-part marketing program that outlines

"What RICH artists DO that POOR artists DON'T."

I know numerous artist who have made more than a million dollars following their art dream but it's not an accident. It's because they followed rules for success. You will get access to that GPS for Successful Artists.

You won't get coached on this, but it will be available for you to follow this success path and work on building your art career (if that's what you want to do with your art.)

Marketing yourself has to happen WAY before you want to launch yourself into the world. So, I recommend that you read a module per week as you make your way through Pencil Drawing College. That will take about an hour per week for 8 weeks and you can do it simultaneously.

Just like crops, you don't plant them the day you want to eat; you plant way in advance.

4. You will have access to our Virtual events where we draw together on a Master project where you watch me work and draw along.

"Draw Along with A Master" graphite sessions will be free for you during your 12-week Apprenticeship.

5. You will be coached for another 12 weeks, so you get to finish up the rest of your projects PLUS the last two BONUS weeks will be for a personal project of your own.

During that last 2 weeks of coaching, you get to work from your own photo, which I will help you choose. We want to be sure that you are working from a photo that is easy enough to draw, so that your first project is set up for success.

So, I will ask you to post photos in the first week of your PDC Apprenticeship and if you don't have one that is suitable, you will be taught how to shoot good photos.

I also allow many students to use great photos from my private stash and you get to use my photo at no cost to you.

6. You will have a BONUS MasterClass on how to shoot GREAT photos for drawing. You will be taught how to create the moments where those great photos could happen too.

7. Normally this Apprenticeship for Pencil Drawing College is just 12 weeks, but you got a BONUS four weeks of FREE coaching ... so when we add another 12 weeks, you will have a total of 16 weeks of coaching. (I wanted you to try this coaching FIRST, so you could see what this amazing program is like.)

8. You will also get to stay in the Art Village family, with your fellow artists who are here to help and encourage you and comment and applaud.

Being a part of this Art Tribe is like no other group on earth. We become a family and that's priceless... a place where you BELONG and feel loved, encouraged and where you can GROW to become the best version of yourself.

Your community is an escape, a Disneyland for artists and a refuge in a world that can toss tough stuff your way. Here you can grow and feel encouraged as you grow.

9. You will get periodic posts that show you the amazing art that others are doing, so that you get inspired and know that you can succeed, just like them.

i.e. I posted art from Carol Leather today showing that she is fielding her EIGHTH commission already. Earning money doing something she loves.

I will also post art by various famous Art Masters so you can see where you fit in the world of art. It's VIP to find your own special place in the art world, a place that resonates with you and helps you tell your unique art story. I want to help you share your talents in the way you are called to shine.

10. After you finish the PDC Apprenticeship, you might be invited into the Atelier where you would get to meet with me for 3 amazing days in San Diego, America's Finest City. And in the Atelier, you get to meet your fellow artists in person. (Only those who are in the Apprenticeships Program get invited into the Atelier where you get to develop your own personal portfolio.)

11. You can earn more GOLD STARS and work toward becoming a Certified Graphite Drawing Master, so that when you create your own portfolio, you will be included on our Angelo Atelier website where we will soon market to wealthy clients.

Click here to see the art work that is just now getting posted.
Take a look at the beginning of this site:

Soon we will post prices and begin to launch this as a site where folks can commission top notch Angelo Atelier graduates to do amazing art commissions.

12. Your investment will be divulged in your invitation but know that I will deduct the $2000 that you already paid, off the usual cost of that Apprenticeship.

So, instead of paying the full price (like they did last year,) this year, I am offering this PDC Apprenticeship at a price that is $2000.00 less... because you already invested in Pencil Drawing College.

BTW, this discount is only for those who paid in full for PDC. If you want to join at the discounted price, you can add your last two payments to the cost of your Apprenticeship and that will save you a lot of money.

Or if you need a payment plan, we can work that out for you and of course it will cost a bit more.

So, if you are ridiculously excited about the amazing progress that you have seen in here and you really want to continue down this road with your art family, put your email in the comments below.

This is a considerable investment of time and money, so I'm going to ask you to think about it for a few days. But I'm only taking 10 people into this program and we have 35 here in this group so if you want to be SURE you get one of the coveted spots, I suggest you act asap.

If at first you don't think you have the resources to invest in your dream, ask your Father to provide for this dream. It's amazing the creative ways that this can happen when you have the courage to invest in your dreams.

Remember the wisdom in the Bible that says,

"You have not because you ask not.
Ask and you shall receive, that your joy may be full."

Let me know if you want to join us... and if you are on my list of folks that have the IT FACTOR, you will get an invitation by email in the next few days.

Type your email in the comments below if you are ready for the rocket fuel that will propel you forward and launch you into the life you've always dreamed of.

Also, tell me what you want: Choose any of these and feel free to add to this too... here are some of the reasons people draw...

1. Earn a little bit of mad money to buy a few things or finance your apprenticeships.
2. Earn serious money creating art for a living.
3. Just draw to relax and savor the experience.
4. Draw to leave a legacy, so that folks will know you were here.
5. Draw to become famous, win awards, get published, get ribbons, etc.
6. Draw because it pleases you and it's just FUN.
7. Become the best artist you can be.
8. Draw to relive precious moments and turn those moments into masterpieces.
9. Draw for a cause so that your art makes a difference in the world.
10. Draw because it's aerobics for the brain and you want to use this stress reliever to take care of your body, mind and spirit.


So today you have a decision.

Will you decide to go it on your own, like my friend Suzy did?

Or will you do what I did, and hire an expert who has succeeded following the same success path you long to follow?


Will you live your dream or live with regret?

2019 is going to be your best year yet... you hold the pen that writes your life script.

Will you listen to your heart?


Here are the logistics for your investment:

The cost of this 12 week Apprenticeship is $11,997 but you already invested $1997 in your Pencil Drawing College course so for the first time EVER, I’m letting you subtract that cost from this Apprenticeship fee.


So, instead of paying $11,997, like the others did,

Regular Price:              $11,997

Your Price:                  I’m offering you a special price of just $9997 when paid in full

Payment Plan:             2 payments: $5977 now; $4997 March 16, 2019 - 3% fee if paid by credit card or PayPal.

Credit Card Price:        If you pay by credit card there is a 3% fee because that’s what the credit card company charges me to process a card.


Please claim your spot by emailing me at or call me to talk about your commitment.

If you want to schedule a phone call, email me and we will set up a time to chat.

I need your check or online payment by February 16, 2019.Your Apprenticeship will begin February 18, 2019.

  • If you need to make 2 payments, there will be one payment by Feb. 16 and the other by March 16. That will have a service fee, so it’s less expensive to pay in full.
  • If you prefer to pay by credit card, let me know and I will set that up for you
  • Add 3% because that’s the fee that the credit charge company charges me to process the card.


I only giving this link to the Invitation Only 2019 Pencil Drawing College Apprentices so don’t share it with anyone. If you have a friend who is interested in joining, let me know and I will interview them to see if they are eligible. This link is private, a special price just for current Pencil Drawing College members that receive this exclusive invitation.

Reserve your space by:

v  Replying to this email right away - let me know to hold your space regardless of your payment method.

v  You can also private message me on Facebook.

v  Mail your check time for me to receive it by February 16, 2019

v  Paying by PayPal or credit card by February 16, 2019

Your check must be received by February 16, 2019.

Make check Payable to: Discover Art with Sandra Angelo, Inc.

Mail to:

Discover Art with Sandra Angelo

500 West Harbor Drive, Suite #1202

San Diego, CA 92101


This is non-refundable, because to do this coaching I must say "No" to other money making opportunities. Also this group is kept very small so if you reserve a space, that means someone else will end up on the waiting list.

I’m only accepting 10 people so be sure to take action quickly.

This fee is not prorated based on your attendance. It's like a college class, the college doesn't give you a refund for the days you don't show up. There are no refunds and no exceptions, so please don't ask. This is a full-on commitment for both of us.

I'm not sure how long I will do this type of coaching, but I am willing to commit to 2019. I need your commitment up front, financially and mentally.

I don't want anyone in this program who is not serious about staying involved but we are all aware that there will be grand babies born, cruises to take, maybe God forbid, sickness where we can't check in, and other interruptions that prevent us from being in class every day. We will all take pauses, I will too; but I'll let you know when those will be coming up.

I want you to set goals and achieve them, and I will keep you accountable.

It's my desire to train an elite group of artists who will become the next generation of Masters. I am creating Masters who will be in very high demand worldwide, for commissions with wealthy clients who are clamoring for their work.

Once you get your skills up to par, if you market properly, you could have a long queue, with people begging you to draw for them.

Or, for those who are simply doing this for pleasure, you will have the deep satisfaction of looking at your paper and knowing that you have achieved Master status! And you can leave a legacy of art, so that when you are no longer here; your art work lives on and is treasured by the next generations.

The creation of art is good for the body, mind and spirit and this fee is way less than you'd pay for 365 days of therapy or a $150,000.00 four-year college degree or the $110,000.00 I spent gathering this knowledge for you. Plus you could never get access to all these Masters‘ methods without spending thousands of dollars and years and years traveling. Some of the Masters have even passed away, but I have their secrets in step by step lessons.

You will get way more than you would at college, where the professors only know about art but are rarely professionals themselves.

These skills you garner will be with you for the rest of your life!

Please feel free to email me or make an appointment to call me with your questions.

I'm super excited about taking you to this next level and I can't wait to see the Quantum Leap you each take in your skills as we take this exciting journey together.

I can feel it in my bones; 2019 is going to be your breakthrough year, your BEST YEAR YET!

I love helping you make your art dreams come true.

When you succeed, so do I.

Your Art Life Coach,

Sandra Angelo

Coach for Elite Apprentices - Art Masters in Training

EASY Art Lessons for Beginners & Beyond

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