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Discover Art With Sandra

Creative Journey - Art & Culture Tour of San Diego PLUS 30 Days of Coaching re How to Immerse Yourself in a Creative Journey and Turn Moments into Masterpieces + LIVE EPIC 1 DAY Tour of America's FINEST City in the Iconic Little Yellow Car


Creative Journey - Art & Culture Tour of San Diego PLUS 30 Days of Coaching re How to Immerse Yourself in a Creative Journey and Turn Moments into Masterpieces + LIVE EPIC 1 DAY Tour of America's FINEST City in the Iconic Little Yellow Car


Product Description

Want to immerse yourself in Art, Music, and Culture and crawl inside the brains of a Master to see what motivates Masters to create amazing art?

Join me on a Creative Journey & discover how to savor your life, tell stories with your camera and hunt for that snapshot that you can turn into a Masterpiece.


When you turn moments into Masterpieces, you get to relive your journey the whole time you draw PLUS every time you view that work of art, you get to experience the joy all over again. Savoring your memories this way makes them last forever.

Join me on this private, behind the scenes tour of America's Finest City. (I've been to 40 countries and 48 states and San Diego is by FAR the best city I've ever experienced. Can't WAIT to show it to you!)



BEFORE: Know before you go... to amp up the pleasure of your trip

Your 30 Day Creative Journey with 3 Parts:

Part One: BEFORE YOU GO, October 24- November 7

I prepare you for your Creative Journey 2 weeks before you leave because half the fun is the anticipation.

  • Once you sign up you will be sent a link to join our Facebook group where you will find short videos that reveal the history of sights you will be visiting during our Art & Culture Tour.
  • You will also have info on how to pack, the right camera to bring, and clothing to wear on the Art & Culture Tours and in the studio.

Inside your Facebook group I will also teach you simple principles for getting great shots that can later be turned into art. After your LIVE EVENT, in Part Three, you will discover how to savor your journey over and over by turning your memories into various forms of art. This way, you get to relive the ebullient joy over and over and savor your journey forever.

Here’s what you will find on your Facebook Creative Journey Page:

  1. You will be furnished with an in depth review of the history BEFORE you go, so that you know what you are seeing on your Creative Journey. This will help you fully experience the journey as you move through it.
  2. Download and study your quick photo tips so that you will know how to capture great shots and journal your journey with a camera. Preplan where you might want to take key shots.
  3. Read through your workshop on how to make memories and turn them into art.
  4. Download and discover the tips on how to shoot the perfect photo to draw, so that you can turn this moment into a great Masterpiece and rewind this happy moment while you draw.
  5. You will get coaching before your trip inside your Facebook group where you can post any questions about creating art from memories or questions about your upcoming journey.

Part Two: Your Creative Journey – Live in San Diego November 8, 2019

The all-day Everything Tour is fun for the whole family, and lets you see nearly everything San Diego has to offer. From the historic Gaslamp Quarter where the fun is always happening and t the beautiful rose garden of Balboa Park.

You will see the natural Beauty of the Point Loma Ecological preserve where you can wade through the tide pools looking at sea anemones, crabs, lobster, fish and the occasional octopus.

You can stop at San Diego’s famous Maritime Museum, experience the always beautiful Balboa park where a Family photo is a must, and stroll through Old Town San Diego and see how San Diego has changed over the centuries from the small Mission and Mexican community it was to the Most Beautiful City in America.


Tour Highlights:

  • Little Italy
  • Maritime museum
  • U.S.S. Midway
  • Seaport Village
  • Horton Plaza
  • Historic Gaslamp Quarter
  • Petco Park
  • Bankers Hill
  • Balboa Park
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Hillcrest
  • Mission Hills
  • Fort Stockton
  • Presidio Park
  • Old Town
  • Shelter Island
  • View of the Naval Attack Submarine base
  • Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery
  • Cabrillo Nation Monument
  • Tide pools
  • Point Loma Light house
  • Point Loma Ecological Reserve
  • Sunset Cliffs
  • Ocean Beach


 Balboa Park


Land set aside by Alta California authorities 1835, this 1,400-acres of pueblo land in San Diego was designated to be used for the public's recreational purposes, Balboa Park is the oldest and largest urban cultural park in the United States dedicated to public recreational usage. in North America. A must see on any visit to San Diego.Balboa Park honors Vasco Nunez de Balboa, the first European explorer to sight the Pacific Ocean.


In 1911 groundbreaking ceremonies and construction began with a military mass in a Balboa Park Canyon to hold an Exposition for the opening of the Panama Canal. On August 23, 1912 the Spreckels Theater opened with 1915 seats.



Balboa Park’s historic structures were built as temporary buildings for the Panama Exposition but San Diego has preserved all those structures and to this day remains one of the largest and beautiful city parks.

We will spend quite a bit of time exploring this vast park, making memories and taking photos too.


Logistics for Your Art & Culture Creative Journey

What to Bring:

  • Suggest you wear a long sleeve light weight shirt so your arms don’t get burned.
  • Suggest a hat with a tie around your neck so it won’t blow off.
  • Wear plenty of suntan lotion (on your face too).
  • Bring a sweater or light jacket in case you get cold.
  • Small bag to store your stuff (put in the TINY trunk of your little car).
  • Bring your drivers’ license for driving the little yellow car and your wallet in case we stop to shop.
  • Bring snacks if you want, and we will also stop for lunch.
  • Of course, bring your phone, camera or GoPro so you will get plenty of photos and videos. (Be very cautious with your equipment so you don’t drop or lose it. In a little car, it’s all open, not closed like a regular car.)


  • We will stop at a restaurant along the way around lunch time and pause to eat. Your lunch is complimentary and includes a soft drink. (No alcohol because we will be driving the yellow car.)
  • Special dietary needs must be communicated 3 weeks prior to the workshops.
  • If you'd like, bring beverages or healthy snacks for morning and afternoon snacks.

PART THREE: 2 Weeks of coaching AFTER your Creative Journey.

Turning Your Creative Journey into Art: Rewinds Your Joy Over & Over

Too often we finish a journey and get sucked back into the whirlwind of life before we get to fully savor the flavor of what we just experienced. I will show you how to make a soft landing back into your world and before you forget, find a way to turn that precious moment into a masterpiece that will help you continue to savor that experience. Whether it’s wearable art, functional art, or a masterpiece that you draw or paint, I will show you how to turn your precious memories that you just lived into a masterpiece that makes the memories last forever.

  1. Your downloadable workshop will show you ways you can turn those precious moments you just experienced into Masterpieces that will rewind the joy over and over and over.
  2. I will help you choose the method you will use to turn your precious memories into
    1. Functional art
    2. Wearable art
    3. Masterpiece that you draw or paint

Options: Turn your Memories into functional art:

  • Mouse pad, clipboard, placemat, t-shirt, book bag, etc.
  • Journal your journey – Sandra shows you how to create various journals – collage, scrap books, writing about your trip – These journals help you capture the joy so that you can relive it over and over.
  • After your Art & Culture Journey, inside your Facebook group, Sandra will be coaching you so that you can continue to get advice about how to draw, how to journal, how to bring this experience back into your world so that it doesn’t evaporate like a vapor, but rather becomes a part of your story.

For the logistics on where to stay and air and ground transportation, you will get an email with a PDF once you register.This is the same information I am giving to all the folks who are attending the 3 DAY LIVE coaching event in my studio.


At 5 a.m. when we landed in the Atlanta airport, it was quiet as a mouse. No one in who lives in the paradise of San Diego, books a flight to the Caribbean because we have everything they have. It’s only East coasters that go there. So we had to take a red eye into Atlanta so that we could catch one of the 2 daily flights to the Caribbean.

Michael was laying across several airport chairs and I snapped this photo. It was his first time EVER on an airplane and his first passport and many other firsts. I’ve been besties with this “little boy” since the day he was born and I wanted to make one last one on one memory with his 6” self before he headed off to college and became an adult. Bruce Macdonald, a Master who captures memories, turned all those precious thoughts into this masterpiece.


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