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From Drama Camp to Carnegie Hall

Posted by Sandra Angelo on

Last week, we talked about how to capture photographs so that you will be ready to draw masterpieces.

Building memories with your loved ones is a great way to generate inspiration for your art. Here's the back story that inspired one of my drawings.

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of having a daughter named Becky. I never had kids, but when my cousin had a baby girl named Becky. I was at her birth, front row and center. As she entered the world, I screamed, "Welcome to the world Rebecca Rose! You are going to love it here!"

I was the first to hold her, after her mom of course, and Becky and I have been best friends ever since. Now Becky is becoming a young lady and I'm so glad I took the time to build memories when she was little.

One great memory we share is from the summer I took Becky to drama camp. Ever since she was a little tyke, Becky could recite the lines of any movie she had seen and act out the parts.

She loved to play dress up.

And she has been musical since she was just two-years-old!

Because I knew she was talented, I decided to invest in Becky by sending her to her first drama camp.

The week of drama camp, I was super busy. But I knew this was important. I wasn't worried because I just had to drop her off in the morning and pick her up in the evening, so I could still get my work done and enjoy Becky in the evenings.

But I misread the hours that camp would be in session. Instead of all day, like I thought, the camp only ran from nine to noon! It was one of the busiest times in my company, and now I had a 10 year-old to entertain all afternoon for a whole week!

But I wouldn’t trade the week I spent with Becky for all the gold in China.

Every day when I picked her up, we went on an adventure. We explored the gorgeous flower gardens in Coronado.

We had a lunch of just French fries and 15 packets of Ketchup on the deck of the Hotel Del Coronado.

We spent time on the beach and had peanut butter and jelly picnics where Becky practiced her lines for the play.

We went swimming and polished off gallons of ice cream.
Becky serenaded me with the ukulele,

and I taught her how to sew a skirt. 

We stayed up late laughing until our belly buttons almost came undone.

Those memories and photos are tucked away in my treasure box. When I draw them, those fabulous movies rewind in my mind, and I get to relive them over and over and over each time I walk by that piece of art.

From Drama Camp to Carnegie Hall

After that summer,Becky auditioned for her very first play, and she landed the lead role. Needless to say, I was in the front row applauding till my hands hurt!

Here's Becky signing her first autographs and receiving a rose bouquet from her proud papa!

Now Becky's almost grown up, and she sings with a special show choir and using the skills she learned at drama camp.

Little did I know, way back when, that that summer investment would take Becky to Carnegie hall!

Becky and her choir have been invited to sing at Carnegie Hall next year. And I am BEYOND proud of her! But first, she needs to raise the money for her trip. So, once again, I’m pitching in.

A Gift for You

I created a lesson for you with 20 ways to compose great pictures when you are shooting photos that you might draw. The #1 factor in portrait success is having good photos so it's super important to know how to shoot the right kind of photo. There are special tricks you can use that will help you slash your drawing time in half too. If you know how to capture the right pictures, your moments can be turned into Masterpieces that will be cherished long after you are gone!

So to help Becky raise funds, I'm giving my book away for FREE to anyone who donates for Becky's trip to Carnegie Hall.

The book is called What Masters Do, That Amateurs Don't - How to Take Great Photos for Better Drawings. This workbook is part of a course that normally sells for $220.00! But for just one week, it will be my FREE gift to anyone who pitches in to help Becky. It is an amazing resource if you are serious about creating masterpiece artwork.

Click here to grab your copy of that book and help a little girl sing her heart out in Carnegie Hall.

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