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Art Workshops Online - How to Draw Flowers with Colored Pencils 3 Projects: Master David Dooley

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Insider secrets from Colored Pencil Master David Dooley

Learn to Draw FLOWERS FAST!

Three NEW 7 Day Workshops

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  • Daily critiques
  • Step by step instructions from the Master
  • Video demos that match lessons in book
  • Take course on iPad, tablet or laptop
  • No set class time, work when you want
  • Post homework anytime day or night
  • Master answers questions daily

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Butterflies & Flowers


  • How to abbreviate floral backgrounds
  • How to get yellow to look bright on black
  • How to put make a wing seem folded
  • How to draw a butterfly on black
  • How to create depth in your drawing
  • Release date: Summer 2014

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San Diego ARTaGANZA - 5 week workshop with four live days in San Diego



  • How to draw white on black paper
  • How to make a flower glow from within
  • How to capture the light and shadows
  • How to choose colors that create rich whites
  • Dooley's MAGIC Reverse Grisaille Method
  • Release date: March 24, 2014


Yellow Rose


This is the photo David Dooley is working from.

Art will be posted soon.

  • How to create depth even with pale colors
  • How to make yellow pop off the paper!
  • How to draw a rose petal - soft gradation methods
  • How to simplify the background for flowers
  • How to make a petal bend and fold
  • Release date Summer 2014


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