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Discover Art With Sandra

Art & Culture Tour & Coaching - 30 Days Immersed in Creativity + LIVE EPIC 2 Day EVENT in Laguna Beach, the EPICENTER of the Art World - Meetings with Masters and so much more... read on


Art & Culture Tour & Coaching - 30 Days Immersed in Creativity + LIVE EPIC 2 Day EVENT in Laguna Beach, the EPICENTER of the Art World - Meetings with Masters and so much more... read on


Product Description

Ever longed to crawl inside an Art Master's brain?

Want to immerse yourself in Masterful Art, Music, and Culture and crawl inside the brains of a Master to see what motivates the Masters to create that amazing art?

Join this private, behind the scenes tour of the EPICENTER of the Art universe, Laguna Beach, where art is literally a lifestyle. This breathtaking beach side town is crammed wall to wall with galleries, artists galore and a summer festival that goes on FOREVER.


BEFORE: Know before you go... to amp up the pleasure of your trip

One week of online coaching prior to your excursion:

Master Sandra Angelo will provide you with the history of the events you are attending so that you can read about the fascinating roots of this unique seaside artistic village; one of a kind on this planet.

You will be provided with links to hotels, travel tips, advice on how to absorb the experience in such a way that you come away with much more than just a two day trip.

You will be changed by this experience and your art and mind will be forever different.



Master Sandra Angelo will guide you through:

  1. Laguna Beach Art Festival with high end phenomenal Masterpieces
  2. Art Affair - lower end, affordable art work from up and coming artists
  3. Sawdust Festival - art for your life - creative art that is useable in the home, wearable art, and much more in a festive atmosphere with live demos, master artists on site, music, food and FUN creative atmosphere

You will learn how to market yourself in each one of these arenas so that you can choose the type of environment where you want to sell your own art.

  1. You will have lunch in the gorgeous TIVOLI restaurant overlooking the main festival
  2. Later that evening we will attend the ONE OF A KIND Pageant of the Masters where REAL people bring paintings to life in a Hollywood like production of classical art, sculpture and paintings. This type of event cannot be found anywhere else in the world!
  3. We will take a light super at the Tivoli 2 at the Art Affair where we dine surrounded by lush gardens and fountains eating sumptuous food.
  4. Music is sprinkled through all the festivals and occurs randomly, adding to the feeling of being saturated in the Art and Culture that is unique to Laguna Beach.

You will have a private docent running narrative to show you what makes each piece of art good or bad so that you can be inspired to take that creativity into your own art.


There is NOTHING like saturating the brain with art, to get your own creative juices flowing.


You will have an PRIVATE audience with a surprise world renowned Master and get to pick his brain to discover how he has made  millions of dollars marketing himself as a full time artist.


With prestigious clients in corporate and private collections, this Master sells out practically before he lists his pricey paintings.


Being in the presence of a Master and drawing from their wisdom helps you keep from having to reinvent the wheel. You can take those ideas and work them in your world, to bring the same massive success to your own art.


AFTER: You will be coached about how to turn these precious memories into Masterpieces so that the inspiration spills into your own art.


For 14 days during the aftermath, you will receive one on one coaching as you select the moment that was pivotal for you, the one that made that master switch go on in your brain. Master Sandra Angelo will help you choose the photo that you will turn into a Masterpiece.


* Note: This fee is for entrance to all events plus your guide throughout the entire art & culture experience. You are responsible for your own hotels, food and drinks.

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