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About Sandra

A creative gift lies dormant within each individual. It is that I seek to awaken in my work. - Evind Earle

When you succeed, so do I.  ~  Sandra Angelo
Testimonial: Sandra...you are my hero in so many ways...your strength of character and purposeful living are surpassed only by your incredible (and rather unique) talent to enable people to find their own creative voice. How my life has flown free and all the doors that have swung wide open for me since my time with you...I can't number. Thank you from the core of me.
Kathleen McLeod:


"Before" & "After by Orville Thompson

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(Above) Sandra in Paris; filiming a DVD for the Home Study Course: Art to Go: Drawing and Painting on the Road.

cousins_1st_height_contest_web.jpg   cousins_second_height_contest_03_web.jpg

Sandra’s passion – Family
Holding a height contest with her cousins... then and now.