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Discover Art With Sandra

30 Days - Fast Track to Art Success – How to Create the Life that Inspires Great Masterpieces (Includes 2 FREE LIVE DAYS with Master in San Diego)

$10,997.00 $2,397.00
(You save $8,600.00)

30 Days - Fast Track to Art Success – How to Create the Life that Inspires Great Masterpieces (Includes 2 FREE LIVE DAYS with Master in San Diego)

$10,997.00 $2,397.00
(You save $8,600.00)

Product Description

Fast Track - Amateur to Amazing Artist in 30 Days

  • October 2 - November 2
  • Live ART & CULTURE Tour in San Diego - Oct. 17-18sandi-with-giraffe-jpeg.jpg

Spend 30 days in the private world of a renowned Master and uncover the secret Sandiland sauce that helps you transforms your own inspiring moments into coveted Masterpieces.

  • What if you could peek inside a Master's brain to find out what inspires great art?
  • Would you like to come up with brilliant masterpieces of your own?

Step into a magical art world and open the vault that holds the road map to your artistic success. Skip the years and years of agonizing mistakes that come from choosing and using the WRONG photos for your art.

In this invitation only backstage pass to the inner sanctum of Master Sandra Angelo, she will reveal insider secrets that Masters protectively guard.

As you interact with a living Master, you get to pick her brain and spend time inside her creative habitat. Finally you get to get a behind the scenes pass where you see how a Master and lives and breathes art.. You will finally know the magic tricks Masters use to turn memories into masterpieces.

Come away with life changing experiences and a huge stack of stellar photos that will inspire many future creative masterpieces.


Phase 1 - Pre-Event Coaching Oct. 2-12.

This all happens BEFORE you go, so that when you are traveling, you can focus purely on SAVORING your experience.

  • Preparatory coaching will amplify your art and cultural travel.

    Instead of rushing through a lecture by a boring guide with a memorized script, you will delve into the history behind the world you will soon encounter. Understanding the events and people that created this amazing San Diego Safari Park BEFORE you go makes the experience so much more meaningful.
    • Know before you go - How to pack like an artist
    • How to shoot FAB photo references that practically turn themselves into art.
    • The history of San Diego Safari Park
    • Lessons and videos prepare you to savor travel, maximize the experience and jump-start your brain for creative thinking. Watch videos of back stories that inspired the Safari Park, so your trip won’t be a trite tourist experience.
    • Discover a new way of traveling – How to savor the world as you move through it
    • How to think differently… Climb inside a genius brain and discover how Masters see things that others completely miss.
    • Come away with 7 methods that unlock your creativity and turn your brain into a genius zone.
      • 5 travel tips that turn trips into a creative adventure instead of a stress filled tourist trap that leaves you needing bed rest after a “vacation”.
        1. Best gear to pack 
        2. Build a Master's mindset - How to get the most out of your trip by preparing your brain
        3. Clothes that enhance travel and photos
        4. How to go beyond tourists traps
        5. How to find beauty in the ordinary
        6. How to shoot like a pro even with your phone

 This content will be posted for you in early October, so you can savor the journey before you even leave home!


Phase 2: Shoot, Savor, Soak in the Fun LIVE session with TOP Master

  • 2 Days in San Diego with the Master October 17 & 18

Did you know that the #1 mistake amateur artists make is shooting or choosing the wrong photo reference. If you peek over the shoulder of a Master who views the world through a creative lens, suddenly you'll find your own photos begging to be drawn.

  • Discover creative ways to savor Plans B-Z, when Plan A fails... because it almost always does.
  • Travel with like-minded artists who bring synergy to your own work.
  • Build bonds and make memories with fellow travelers that become lifelong friends. (We carefully screen applicants, to weed out the cranky ones.)
    • Adventure into Africa without leaving the USA or the the hassle of passports and shots
    • Guided by a world famous celebrity who grew up with wild animals in Africa-hear her fascinating stories
    • Photo caravan...Go nose to nose with a giraffe and other endangered critters
    • Experience the most amazing animal park outside of Africa
    • See BABY animals... adorable elephant, giraffe and more
    • Discover how to shoot GREAT photos for drawing purposes


Arrive in San Diego as early as you can on October 16.

October 17

We will  will all meet at the San Diego Safari Park (32.9 miles from downtown San Diego - allow an hour to drive there).

Tour the exotic huge San Diego Safari Park with Sandra as she escorts you on a photo safari through the plains of the San Diego Safari Park. We will explore the park, taking photos of various creatures, learning how to get just the right shot... photos that practically turn themselves into art.

Lunch at the famous Mombasa cookery overlooking a picturesque lagoon... rife with exotic birds.

Cap the day off with a private photo safari at dusk, where you go nose to nose with giraffes, endangered rhinos and other exotic creatures.

October 18

We will spend the day in Master Sandra Angelo's studio sorting photos and seeing what you did right and what you did wrong in your photo shoot. You will discover how to find just the right photo to draw. Remember; the #1 mistake amateurs is choosing the WRONG photo to draw.

Discover masterful methods for journaling your journey with a phone camera. Shoot this, not that – How to gather photos for future masterpieces

  • Use a simple phone camera to capture magical moments
  • Discover how to compose like a Master, so that when you bring your photos back to the studio, your paintings and drawings will already be composed and not require tedious changes
  • See through the eye of a Master, so that your thinking actually changes
  • Telephoto lens is HIGHLY recommended so you can shoot with a real camera AND a phone.


Use your camera as a sketching tool.

  • So your art's composition is already solved
  • So you can journal your journey and relive it over and over
  • So that you end up with FANTASTIC photos instead of out of focus, dimly lit shots that pretty much get deleted
  • So that some of your pictures will even be frame-able
  • So you can create functional art by drawing or painting
  • Or just use your FAB photos on functional objects like collages, scrapbooks, mugs, mouse pads, posters, blankets and so forth.

Did you know that the #1 mistake amateurs make is shooting or choosing the wrong photo reference. If you peek over the shoulder of a Master who views the world through a creative lens, suddenly you'll find your own photos begging to be drawn.


Phase 3: Turn Your Memories into Masterpieces

When you get home, spend a couple weeks finishing up the drawing you started in San Diego. You will have one on one coaching from Sandra until course ends Nov. 2.


Drawing by Apprentice Carol Leather in the UK from photo by Deric Wagner


About Your Creative Life Coach... Sandra Angelo

No Passport Safari with a REAL African American

"Growing Up Blond in Africa" Sandra's fascinating story, reads more like a screenplay than a diary. Getting her first passport at 11 months and traveling to 7 countries by the age or 3, Sandra's family settled into a mud hut in the Belgian Congo's Ituri forest when she was a tiny tot. 


With lion cubs born in her yard, giraffes eating off her trees, a pet menagerie that included monkeys, a baby antelope, chameleons, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and a lizard named Mortimer Snerd, Sandra developed an early love of animals.

At age 15, when her family moved to America, Sandra missed this menagerie, so she was delighted when the San Diego Safari Park asked her to teach a course on how to draw animals and landscapes inside the park. With a 15 year intimate knowledge of the park, she will be the perfect guide to help you experience and Art & Cultural experience that is simply not available any other way.

In an invitation only private event, Sandra will lead you through her lens into her Africa as you savor your front row seat to her amazing life story, the night before our exciting safari.

Then, without having to go through the hassle of applying for a passport, getting a myriad of vaccinations or enduring long plane flights to Africa, this blond African will escort you on an incredible photo caravan behind the scenes on a No Passport Safari at the San Diego Safari Park.

Discover how to turn your MAGIC MOMENTS into inspiring Masterpieces. After your journey into the Park, enjoy a private art lesson 9:30-5:00 in her exotic studio with a 280 degree view of the San Diego Bay. 

Discover what Masters DO that Amateurs DON'T and watch your art and life transform before your very eyes.



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