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1 left - Watercolor Block: Paper that works well for BOTH drawing and painting when you want REALISTIC results - 9x12

$57.97 $47.97
(You save $10.00)

1 left - Watercolor Block: Paper that works well for BOTH drawing and painting when you want REALISTIC results - 9x12

$57.97 $47.97
(You save $10.00)

Product Description

Sometimes when you are working with graphite or colored pencils, it's just too tedious to put in the background. That's when I reach for watercolor pencils or watercolors, so that I can splash in areas without taking hours and hours to depict that detail.

  • But there is a big problem with that. Drawing papers won't take water; it causes the tooth to disintegrate and it damages the surface. Plus the water doesn't flow easily like it should when you are working with a wet medium.
  • And when you work with watercolor papers, they are too textured to get super smooth strokes with colored pencils and graphite. So it's tough to combine these media.... until ... drum roll please!

Enter this watercolor block!

It's smooth enough to get nice textures with the pencils BUT when you add water media, you can get fluid, fun results without the tedium of fussing with pencils. So this is the perfect way to combine drawing AND painting.


This student Julie Wolfson, combined watercolor pencils, colored pencils and ink on this watercolor paper. You can see the pencils and pens were perfect for getting fine details but the watercolor pencils filled in the sky, grass, bushes and water quickly. That would have taken FOREVER to DRAW!

About Watercolor Blocks:

Watercolor paper is available in sheets but to keep watercolor paper from buckling, it's VIP to stretch the paper. That's a BIG hassle, so I buy watercolor blocks. It's more expensive, because they have already stretched the paper for me, but I figure it's worth it because my time is too valuable to hassle with stretching paper. Plus it's expensive to buy the right equipment to stretch WC paper.

So I buy watercolor paper in blocks.

BLOCKS are gummed at the edges. This way, if your paper buckles when you add water, the gummed edge will pull it back, and as the paper dries, it will become flat again.

So DON'T take the paper off the block. You are paying EXTRA for that gummed edge that pulls your paper back and makes it flat.


Here I combined two colors of ink to create the detail in these cheetahs. Then I splashed a bit of watercolor pencils on top and because the ink is archival, it didn't smear. I like the way it looked unfinished, so I stopped and didn't wash the whole vignette. Cheetahs c by 

About this paper:

Watercolor comes in Cold Press (tends to be textured) and Hot Press (tends to be smooth.

Most hot press paper is TOO smooth so even though it's fun to draw on it, water media doesn't flow and do all the fun stuff you expect with watercolor and watercolor pencils.

Most cold press is too textured to take drawing media. It's fun with water  media, but when you try to draw, the paper is too bumpy.

But like with Goldilocks, one is too rough, one too smooth but this exact watercolor block is good for mixed media with detailed elements.

It does fun stuff with water media (has just enough texture) and it's still smooth enough for drawing.

  • This paper is also archival, so you can draw on this paper and keep your drawing for years to come; provided you use archival paints and pencils of course.

This paper is 100% cotton, so the fibers will hold up over time. Of course you need to be careful about the way you handle all papers, even archival paper doesn't like to be displayed in direct sun. Of course you also have to frame this paper with archival mats, archival glass and archival framing materials.


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